Getting Around To It

The current situation with Covid-19 has meant plenty of disruption, especially to those of us in the genealogical business. A lot of events have been cancelled, which impacts on our speaking engagements and we are limited in our ability to research with repositories closed to the public.

This past weekend I was meant to be in London to speak at Family Tree Live. Unfortunately the event wasn’t able to go ahead as planned but some of us who were due to speak recorded our planned talks to deliver virtually. You can find my three talks (and many other very informative talks) on their website for free until April 24th.

I was also invited to participate in a new initiative hosted by Daniel Earl, the Family History Guy, and Vivid-Pix. These ’round tuit’ classes are a mix of educational presentation and fun discussion. I am honoured to be among some very big names in the world of genealogy. You can register for my class on Irish genealogy this evening at 8pm Irish time / 3pm EST and it will be available to view for 30 days afterwards.



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