About Me

My name is David Ryan and I am a genealogist based in Cork city, Ireland. I graduated with an MA in Medieval History and a Diploma in Genealogy from University College Cork. I have a keen interest in assisting people in tracing their Cork ancestry and am available to conduct research. My other areas of interest include South Tipperary land ownership in the aftermath of the Great Famine, medieval Irish history and the architectural history of Cork.

I am available for talks, workshops and one to one consultations. I also take on commissioned research for those seeking help in tracing their Irish ancestry.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mr. Ryan,
    I am in the US doing research on my O’Brien family. I am unsure where they came from in Ireland but know my great-grandfather was born in Cardiff, Wales. Evidently his father and he when he got older, worked in Cardiff. Family lore is that they went back and forth between Ireland and Wales for work and birth of children. I would like to find out where in Ireland they were from. I just have reached a dead end. Is this a task you would be interested in tackling? If so, I would certainly share the info I have found. I am very familiar with Cork (have very close friends who live there) and with Ireland. I’ve been visiting since the late 1970s and my husband & I have a cottage on the Dingle Peninsula. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Shelley Dolan


  2. Lorna Moloney recommended you to help me with my O’Brien (Brien) heritage. As best as I can tell now, my great great grandfather, Patrick Joseph O’Brien (Brien) was born in/around Desertserges Parish in early June 1818 and was baptized at the parish there on 19 June 1818. His father is listed a John Brien and his mother as Mary (no maiden last name). The birthdate matches up with the birth date on his death certificate located in Minnesota, USA. I think he immigrated to the US circa 1848, arriving on 31 Dec 1848 in/near Boston–Atlantic and Gulf Ports. Shortly after arriving in the US he married Mary Catherine Gleeson fro County Tipperary. I believe her parents’ names were Michael and Bridget Cash, who were married in the Nenagh area of County Tipperary. Mary Catherine had 3 older siblings–Honora, Michael and Bridget. I think the 4 children immigrated to the US, but I am unsure about the parents.


  3. Hello from Nova Scotia –
    Ryan, I have traced my descendants’ coming from Ireland to Newfoundland, Canada. I traced the Green(e)s’ back to the 1760s in Newfoundland then hit a wall. I am looking for where in Ireland they may have come from and how can I find the ship that brought them to Canada.
    Any help would be so very appreciated from this novice!
    Thanks Ryan.
    Christine Greene


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